Magic 100 Trading System

Magic 100 Forex Trading System

Hello Folks,

let me introduce very quick my trading system…easy and profitable 

….and yes, there is nothing magical about this one

Time Frame H1 , but it works also in the higher timeframes as well!

All you need is a strong trend, a 100EMA and common sense. We only take trades in the direction of the trend!

Buy : Price is above the 100EMA, you place a buy stop order above the red candle. Stop is is under the candle. TP is 2R (R:R is about 1:2 or 1:3)

See Picture:

Buy: Magic 100 Trading System
Buy: Magic 100 Trading System

Sell: Price is under the 100EMA, you place a sell order under the green candle.

Sell: Magic 100 Trading System
Sell: Magic 100 Trading System

Quoting xkwisit2001{quote} You want to set a pending order at the high of the last retracement candle and a stop loss beneath the low of the same candle on a long trade (if uptrend) If there are candles that form lower after that candle, then move the pending buy and stop to that new candle. As long as the 100EMA supports the upward trend direction. And the opposite if it was a downtrend. I.e set pending sell order below and stop loss above the high. If the 100EMA is not showing a direction (sideways)———————————————————————
Here is a educational chart:…2883065http://


The yellow lines with Entry/SL/TP are not an indicator. This is just the fibonacci tool from MT4. You can modify this tool like you want. See the explanation from a friendly user.…3#post12871353

Be consistent and manage your risk properly!

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