Trade your way to financial freedom – Van K. Tharp

Trade your way to financial freedom

The title of Chapter 1 of this book is: “The Legend of the Holy Grail.” “The Holy Grail” is a phrase you often hear in some trading and investment circles. Most people believe that it refers to some mysterious trading system out there that is going to make them millions with little or no risk. It’s not that at all.

But before I tell you about the Holy Grail, let me tell you a lit- tle about who I am and why Dr. Tharp asked me to write the Foreword to his book. I started managing other peoples’ money in 1992 and in just 5 years those assets have grown from about $3 mil- lion to about $50 million. That has happened partially because my hedge fund has compounded by better than 40 percent per year, net to investors, over the last 5 years. We were up 61 percent net to investors in 1996 and 53 percent net to investors in 1997. Since I met Dr. Tharp, my net worth has grown many times over, and I do believe that it comes from adopting many of the Holy Grail secrets contained in this book. I think that Dr. Tharp understands and teaches those,secrets better than anyone else I have ever met. Let me tell you why:

When I was a young boy, I remember dreaming that I would become a millionaire by the time I reached 25 years of age. I reached that goal through real estate development in 1981, but only briefly and then it all came tumbling down around me. I was devastated, but I picked myself up and started again. My next attempt at real success was in the investment field.

Yet I almost had a similar type of crash in my fortunes. I remember the day clearly. I was sitting in my office in Naples, Florida, in late 1992

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